Rectape Studio offers you an exceptional hardware and software configuration with high-end equipment integrated following years of practices, tests and comparisons.



Here is a non-exhaustive list of the equipment used:

Monitoring : Genelec 1037C, Neumann KH805, Yamaha NS10M Studio, Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube

Monitor Controller – Analog Summing Mixer : Shadow Hills The Equinox

Converters : Prism Sound Orpheus x 3

Compressors : Dangerous Music Compressor, Tornade Music ES Series, Valley Audio Dynamite, Audioarts 1202A

Equalizers : Bettermaker EQ232P MKII, Dangerous Music Bax EQ, Avalon AD2055

Other : Elysia Nvelope, Doldy 740 Spectral Processor, SPL Tube Vitalizer

Channel Strip : Biggle Box

Hardware Effects : Lexicon 480L, Lexicon PCM70, Lexicon PCM60, Ensoniq DP Pro, Ensoniq DP 2, Yamaha SPX90 II, Pioneer SR-101 & SR-202W, Little Labs Pepper, various FX Pedals

Plugins Effects : Cartes UAD QUAD & DUO, Soundtoys Bundle, Auto-Tune Pro, Sonnox Bundle, Kush Audio, Flux Plugins, Etc.

Acoustic Treatment : RPG,  Vicoustic, Hofa

Vinyl : Technics SL-1200 MK2, Shure DSH-M97XE, Pioneer DJM-S9

Connections : Studio fully cabled with MOGAMI, NEUTRIK plugs, 2 x REDCO R196-D25PG Patchbay, 2 x FURMAN PL-8C E Power Regulators

The material does not do everything and has to be coupled with good ears, experience and a sense of taste very developed. An extremely important and often overlooked part is the acoustic treatment of the studio where a very significant effort has been made (studies, acoustic measurements, tests). If you do not hear correctly what happens, you can not make the necessary adjustments on the various equipment.

We also point out that beyond the individual equipment, it is above all the sum of these equipments which form a coherent chain according to our musical sensitivity and the final result expected. After many years of tests of all kinds on a multitude of equipment, the configuration is now stabilized and it is enough to remove a single element of the chain so as not to have the desired result.

New equipment is tested each year in order to be able to re-evaluate the chain compared to the latest products available on the market.