Mastering is the final stage of production. This is where you give your mix the final touch before it is ready for distribution. Any seasoned mastering engineer will tell you that this delicate process is based on experience, good taste and the equipment used. At Rectape Studio, we are proud of our achievements for presenting quality courses to our customers in line, albums, EP or singles. HOW IT WORKS? Simply log in and select the package that you want, and send your mix file WeTransfer via our email address: We refer you to the masterisons and, with the option to make additional changes if you want. Once we have your final approval, we deliver a WAV file. Contact us today to discuss your project or to learn more about our mastering services. MASTERING STANDARD FEATURES ONLINE Verification of the presence of possible distortions, digital clicks etc. Add melted corrective Noise suppression and audio when required restoration Filtering and equalization to improve the overall balance and increase perceived loudness Checking phase and mono compatibility, ensuring the right translation radio, portable speakers, clubs, car systems and hi-fi equipment coherent dynamic compression Limitation to reach current commercial standards High quality algorithms used for the conversion of the sampling rate and resolution VALVE OPTION (LAMP) INCLUDED Your music will be treated, if necessary, through our high quality equipment tube. This is an excellent choice if you want a particularly rich sound, full of character and with more harmonic content. This option usually results in your music with a warmer and more compelling quality. It gives you a more colorful texture, more corpulent. These features are unique to each lamp equipment and are very difficult to reproduce with plug-ins. PRICES ONLINE MASTERING Appointment on the online store. WHY RECTAPE STUDIO FOR YOUR MASTERING? To obtain an optimal rendering quality – Rediscover your music! Best quality / price – from € 60 per piece, very well placed on mastering the online market Fast and convenient – We will return on your mix within 24 hours. Mastering generally takes up to 4 working days, subject to availability.